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My new theme! (Updated 8/3/06)

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Thanks you guys. I'm working on putting a few things like Album Art, etc.

@lareneg: There is a volume bar, on the red post above the windshield of the car...

@BigMac: Are you using a Senab build?

Lol... OK, I must have overlooked it. I've been using it for a while now, and I have noticed that when you get to 20 minutes or more (if you're listening to a podcast for example) the timer jumps to the left unless there is a number 1 in the time (so it stays in place if it's 20:21 but jumps to the far left when it gets to 20:22)

Apart from that, very good job!

yes he's using senab's build for the 30 gb  ipod vid

@ lareneg: Fixed in new version...

@ BigMac: Use his newest build to fix that...

very nice im using jbuild and it works fine and do you think you could upload the psd so we can change the car?


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