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My new theme! (Updated 8/3/06)

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Ok so I put album art and some other stuff in it and made tweaks... basically just read the site...


Wow, thats nice, maybe you could somehow integrate how much time is left until the end of the track like in the original fimware... Also, at the bottom does the next song and artist thing rotate? I'm downloading it now, so I'll find out, I guess :p

//EDIT: Ok, I just installed it and I have to say its pretty nice, at the bottom it has two things alternating, the next song and the next song's artist. Personally I think that isnt neccessary, but its a good addition. Again, I think it could have a remaining time thing. Also, maybe you could have a different picture for the backdrop when you're not on the WPS just for a bit of variety...

The font is great, and all in all, a very good theme!

//EDIT2: Also, I just noticed you have no volume meter... you could try putting one on the car, or one on the top bar. Or both

Sweet dude

Id be real cool if you could put album art, 100 x 100 size

but anyways im a bit busy so ill share the rest of my thoghts later, thanks!! :)

Very nice man, I am putting it on my brothers ipod right now.
Keep ROCKing on!

OK, after trying it on the ipod, i noticed that the text sometimes overlaps the top bar. If you could fix that and post when updated, this would be a magnificant theme.
Keep ROCKing on!


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