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Songs start skipping randomly

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I've had my h340 for a few weeks. Yesterday, I found three different songs that would skip randomly while playing.

I deleted them from the player, did a bunch of error checking on the hard drive, found nothing wrong, and put them back on.

Well, they're still skipping. However, if I boot up in the original firmware and play the songs, they don't skip.

Right now, I don't have complete access to my computer and I'm unable to connect the player to my computer, but when I get home, I'll try updating Rockbox with the latest version and see what happens.

What format and bitrate are the songs encoded to?  Some high bitrate Ogg's (Q7 and up depending on the type of music) will skip.  Certain codecs (including Ogg) have not been fully optimised, resulting in playback hiccups with some higher bitrate files.  The complexity of the wps you're using can have an impact on this as well e.g. peakmeter, album art patch, etc. will increase the likelyhood of skipping.  Try playing the same songs with the Rockbox default wps and see if that helps.

It appears to be a setting because when I reset the config from Manage Settings.

Dunno which one, though.

also ogg  in combination with the equalizer or crossfeed setting causes skipping...

yup I have the same problem, even with default settings. Def like the look and ease of use with rockbox but most of my music won't play properly, skips every 3-4 seconds then continues on. It does this with a variety of formats too..mp4, mp3, wav, high encoding and low encoding. any suggestions?? Does rockbox support wma because it doesn't seem to play that format either?


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