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[feature request] LCD-Remote Reduce Ticking *DURING RECORDING* (was a quesiton)

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I am using an iRiver iHP-140 and the H3xx joystick remote. (thanks to Mmmm)

I just made two 10 second test recordings from the line-in jack with the Volume at 0db and the gain crancked up to +48db. Nothing at all was plugged into the line in.
My two recording sound (and look) pretty much identical. Audible ticking. Yuck.

I then repeated the test without the remote plugged in.
Tick reduction on and tick reduction off.
Of course both of these are fine. Nothing but the noisefloor.

So my question is, what exactly does the tick reduction function do if anything?
I can't hear or see any meaningful difference in a recorded WAV.

It's my understanding that the tick reduction was made for playback, not recording. I know from experience it significantly (not entirely) reduces the "tickage" for playback, but I have never heard anybody even mention it in regards to recording before.

Yep, reduce ticking option is only for might like to look at this thread about the recording ticking Not that it will help though! ;)

Having confirmed that the LCD-Remote Reduce Ticking function only affects playback I would like to humbly request that a developer (or developers) attempt to implement the same function during recording.

Is this even possible? I know that I couldn't ask for anything more with my RockRiver H1xx, but if it can be had lets try to have it!  :)

No ticking during line-in would make this the best DAP/DAR even better.


[EDIT] I have created a feature request on the tacker:

sounds great, but if it didn't remove all ticking, than I would continue to not use the remote for important recordings. I know that for playback, ticking is stll there even with the "no ticking." I don't know if it's because all the no ticking potential hasn't been utilized or because it's just something that we'll have to deal with.

Other than the lack of stealthiness, not using the remote works just fine. however if possible this is a great idea!


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