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Issues with Displaying CJK Characters in Third-Party Themes and a Request for Co


I've found that many third-party themes do not display Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters properly. Even after switching to the corresponding fonts after changing the theme, these languages are still not displayed in the playback interface. However, they work fine with the default theme. Is there a way to configure this to take effect? I really like the third-party themes.

Unfortunately CJK support requires a few factors that themes must comply with.

For starters when you change the font in theme settings menu, it only changes the theme's "default" font which is a single font used for menus. Third party theme creators can choose to use the default font for other parts of their theme, which would then change if a user changes the font setting.

Some themes though use multiple fonts instead, which are hardcoded into the theme and cannot be changed by settings unfortunately. In cases like this, themes must support CJK fonts themselves.

 FreshOS, Infomatrix, Adwaitapod and Themify are the only themes I can think of right now that explicitly support CJK characters. Hopefully this helps

Yeah, what Dook said.

The only way to "configure" a way round it would be to edit the theme's WPS and SBS scripts, to replace the hard-coded fonts with (suitably sized) CJK ones.

_Perhaps_ the ideal would be if the theme engine allowed a "default font" and a "default secondary font" (and even a "default tertiary font") that could all be changed via the font selection menu...but I suppose by that point it's easier to just edit the theme scripts?


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