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Failed to Install Rockbox on iPod Classic 6th, Device Stuck in DFU Mode


When I was trying to install Rockbox on my iPod Classic 6th, it seems like I might have pressed the Select and Menu buttons for too long during the installation? The installation failed, and then it seems like it has been stuck in DFU mode ever since. When I connect it to my computer, there is a ding sound, but iTunes prompts that it cannot restore the firmware. In the Windows system, I can't see the hard drive either. Using mks5lboot64.exe, it can recognize that it is currently in DFU mode. Can anyone help me rescue my iPod?

Note that I am currently using Windows, and my device is currently in a completely black screen state. When connected to the computer, there is a ding sound, and then after holding down the Select and the middle button for about 8 seconds, there is also a sound.


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