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sgt puzzles appear both individually and as a folder

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Not sure if this is intentional, but in the latest dev version if I look at the plugins/games I see all the sgt- titles listed in the top-level list, but also the sgt-puzzles folder, with the same plug-ins listed inside it.  Not really a problem, but is this a concequence of this patch

and if so, is this intended behaviour?

This feels like some of them could be from an earlier version?

Yeah, quite possibly.  Not sure how it works when you upgrade RB versions - just overwrote the original .rockbox folder with the new one.  Now I think about it, I guess that means it keeps files that aren't present at all in the later version, which presumably is what happened here?

That's what I'm thinking, yes. You could check file modification timestamps to make sure

I'm certain that's what you are seeing there, depending on what version you had previously they probably won't run

I thought about making a one time run plugin to update folders and such  but haven't gotten around to it yet


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