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Rockbox utility on steam deck doesnt work correctly.

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It cant use the internet, i cant install themes, i cant choose versions, and well, i cant install rockbox. Im going to try manual install and seeif that works, if it does ill reply to this post abt it.

From my own personal experiences using Linux, the 1.5.1 appimage doesn't work well. I recommend trying the 1.4.1 version, and if that doesn't work run it using sudo from the command line.

That sorta worked, but now it says "Could not open Ipod: permission denied", the ipod is connected with a oem cable, into a otg adapter. Also i cant autodetect the ipod either, even though the ipod shows up in the list.

It's definitely some sort of permissions issue, and that still happens when you run it using sudo from the command line?

Now i cant see the mountpoints at all, i made sure that the ipod was plugged in and mounted, but i just cant see it.


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