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Hello I was just wondering if there was a plugin to view maps. I could possible convert it into an image file but I'm afraid it would be too large for it to handle or I can't zoom in enough to see names. I'm going to try it but I figured I'll also ask here. Thanks in advance.
This is assuming there are 3p plugins available. I'm trying to search for some though but I don't know if there are any.

This isn't ever going to happen; even the beefiest Rockbox-capable player [*] currently lacks the resources to do anything more than simply display small-ish image files, much less seamlessly stich/zoom/infinte scroll as users reasonably expect in this space.  Then there's the lack of searches and positioning hardware.

[*] unless you count the mostly-dead Android port.  But in that case.. just use a native maps application instead of Rockbox?


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