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Is your iPod modded with an SSD?  If so, what type?


--- Quote from: speachy on May 14, 2024, 10:37:14 AM ---Is your iPod modded with an SSD?  If so, what type?

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Yes - iFlash-Quad with 2 x 128GB Samsung Pro Plus microSDs.

I also have an 1Mii B06T2 Bluetooth Adapter mounted on the back of the iPod, wired to the headphones jack and battery.  The no-reboot condition is not affected by whether or not the bluetooth adapter is turned on.

I just tried it again with a 6th Gen Classic (MB565LL/A) with an original 120GB HD running dev build 9d3b012ac0-240513 and the reboot worked.  There was about a five second delay on the "Shutting down..." screen (unlike the 20 seconds for the 7th Gen with flash), and the entire shutdown/reboot sequence took about 15 seconds.

Clarification:  I inaccurately responded "yes" to your question re whether or not there is an SSD in my 7th Gen Classic, as I tend to think of iFlash/SDs as being in the category of SSDs.


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