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Any Way To Add An Ipod Video Theme To Ipod Photo



I just bought an Ipod Photo (Would've gotten a Video if not for availability in my region) and was wondering if I can port or add Ipod Video themes on it. I did try FreshOS, Themify, Awaitapod but they dont really look like how the do on the Video. Anyway to code the files so they support my ipod, Or perhaps an already ported version. If neither of these things are available, I need a good ipod photo theme recommendation because the ipod photo themes are mostly bad or outdated.



Themes on Rockbox are based on screen resolution (some models have different feature sets, though this doesn't apply to the iPods), hence the themes you mentioned wont run on the Photo as it has a different screen resolution to the Video models.
 I would like to get Adwaitapod on the Photo in the future, but it's not something I have time for. I recommend Interpod as a decent theme to try though, It's always a very good experience.

To expand on what Dook has said, the iPod photo has a screen resolution of 220x176 and the iPod video has 320x240. All of the theme elements are positioned by pixel addresses. With these two iPods the screen proportions are different, so scaling all of the pixel numbers wouldn't work. At this relatively low resolution you will also quickly get readability issues.

For example, I have a theme 'poppetaa' for the iPod Video/Classic etc. I decided to make something similar for the photo as 'roloaa'. To make the elements I wanted to see easily readable, I had to change the layout quite a bit.

You can make your own choices depending on what information you want to be able to see at a glance. We all have different preferences for this, which is why there are so many themes.


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