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Wiki login disabled?


I was wishing to add a new set of decoding test results on the Codec Comparison wiki page, but every time I click the 'login' hyperlink, it just sends me to the top of the page. I do have a wiki account, but I simply can't bring up the login page. Is there a particular web browser that I need to use?

The wiki view on the main site is a static dump, because I got sick of bots bringing down the entire www server.

So instead of /wiki/ use /realwiki/ and it'll prompt you for your login.  Let me know when you've made your edits and I'll regenerate the site.

(I will try to work out a way to regen it in an atomic manner, but the !!$!#@ engine can't do it incrementally)

Well, I can understand that. I've made my changes and saved. Thank you for the prompt reply.

That is a pain. Good luck with the regen rework.

Sorry to say this, but there were evidently a few typos I had overlooked. I have fixed them and added some version clarifications regarding which CUETools were used. I also added a bullet to the specific flaccid compile I used for reproducibility. My apologies for making you regen it again.

The static wiki snapshot is now scripted to run daily, in the late afternoon.   It takes about 30 minutes.


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