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HIFI Walker H2 - V1.7 Latest Firmware - USB C - Installation + Display Issue


Howdy Everyone,

I'm new here but have experience with rockbox way back to the Sansa Fuze days in 2009. Thanks everyone who works on the project, it's awesome.

I just unboxed the new HIFI Walker H2, and attempted to rockbox it, I was successful, using Linux and JZtool through command line, the web tool didn't work because of how Linux handles default USB permissions. Must run commands as root.

However, the display was backwards and flipped and inverted. So far I have gotten the display flipped but the colors are still inverted (not a huge deal now that I can read it lol).

For anyone searching on how to flip the display on this model please refer to page 5 of this thread:,54228.60.html - Surfans F20, and use the LCD Invert link for the bootloader, this doesn't fix the inverted problem but does fix the display flip problem.

The only problem I am facing that I could use some help on is the LCD inversion of colors and perhaps scaling the LCD back in size just a little bit as my model seems to have the UI adjusted a little high on the screen cutting out half of the time/battery meter.

Now this might sound dumb but I am used to handling scaling and other issues like this through a config file on the device, after much searching I can't find one for rockbox. Now on page 5 for the Surfans F20 it mentions flipping bits around in the programming for the LCD driver I believe. How do I access those settings? I am no programmer but am willing to try out some different settings to really dial in this build for this player and to make it easier for others.

If someone was to help me, what information do you need to be able to adjust these settings?

Adjusting those LCD bits requires compiling Rockbox from source and editing the source code the way I described in this post. You can find the instructions for compiling on the wiki if you want to try it: (you also should use Linux or a Linux VM, Mac/Windows might have problems as they aren't regularly tested).

I may have time this weekend to put a patch together and make this into a setting, then you would just need to edit a text file to fix the LCD. It's not ideal to have to manually do that, but there aren't any other solutions at the moment.

Maybe someone knows if older HW revisions can be updated to 1.7 firmware? If so that would indicate there's some way to detect which LCD is present.

Thanks for the response, as far as I can tell from digging, V1.7 is something completely new so it's tough to say that V1.5 can be upgraded to V1.7 on older hardware. I can't even find the 1.7 firmware available to download anywhere as an update for the players, only up to V1.5.

I have the backup of the bootloader available if you'd like me to send that to you somehow. If it makes your life easier.

However, I did take the premade V1.5 bootloader from the other Rockbox build and it works fine except for the LCD thing so I'm thinking that it's not too different hardware wise. I'm trying to remember if one of the three links fixed the inverted colors but not the backward text, it's so close to being good to go it's exciting.

I'll look into compiling when I have a moment, though I'm out of my knowledge depth when it comes to that. But I'm willing to give it a try.

As it sits the player works well enough and is readable so it's no rush on the LCD thing.

Also for any one else interested in getting Rockbox running on the newest H2, when you convert over to RB there is no dual boot available at present time, so no line out or BT. It's one or the other currently.

Try this RB build to fix the LCD:

The LCD flip/invert settings can be found in General Settings > Display > LCD Settings. I tested the functionality on the M3K so it should probably work for ErosQ/Surfans/etc. but it would be nice if someone can confirm it works. There isn't a solution for the bootloader at the moment, since it doesn't load settings.

You can also create the rockbox .cfg file by hand to avoid having to navigate the menus with a wonky LCD.

--- Code: ---# add these lines to .rockbox/config.cfg
flip display: on
invert: on

--- End code ---


just wanted to say that this build works on my new H2 1.7
But it is still pretty wonky. Changing themes breaks it some times and some themes look kind of weird.
Almost all back themes donĀ“t really look black on 1.7. They look all kind of greyish

They look normal on prior firmware versions..


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