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downgrading ipod 3rd generation to 2.0.1


Im trying to set up an ipod 3rd generation to use with mac os9 but im unable to get an OSX system running   ive found a firmware binary in this package here but i dont have a way to install it.   would it be possible to use ipodpatcher to install the Firmware file inside this zip onto a 3rd generation ipod? (the one with the light up buttons between the clickwheel and display   im hoping to get it set up as a macpod   i have access to os9 windows 11 and linux.

Can you create a virtual machine and pass through the iPod USB device? I've restored iPods this way using a Windows XP VM and old versions of iTunes without issue.

Never tried to change the Apple firmware version, but Ipodpatcher says it can do that:


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