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Hello, new to Rockbox/returning to iPod classics.

I'm trying to get the new minimal Bones theme to work on my 6th Gen iPod Classic...the font and wps files work but the while-playing-screen itself doesn't match the beautiful samples listed in the theme page. Maybe it's because the bmp files aren't being copied in the right place? I'm not sure.


Update: figured it out!

and the reason was..?

Decided to give this skin a spin.

EDIT: See subsequent posts.

OK, I'm finished working with this theme now.

I made a few edits:

* Modified the Track display to also include the playlist track total
* Changed the clock on the lock screen to correctly display in either 12 or 24 hour mode
* Replaced the 'xxx' string on the lock screen with AM or PM only if in 12 hour clock mode (otherwise no string)
* Pregenerated correct theme config files with the complete color information (Black,Green and Orange)
* Added bitrate and samplerate to the codec display
* When repeat mode is set to 'shuffle' (the longest string) REPEAT is replaced with RPT because of space occupied by file information
I've attached the replacement WPS and CFG files in this post.

I'll attach more screenshots in another reply (4 attachment limit per post).


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