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An album that plays from the DB but not from the File Browser

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--- Quote from: iPodVT on April 20, 2024, 11:50:25 AM ---So it seems that the bug was introduced sometime after Dec 4, 2023.

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You could try the oldest daily build to see if the problem is still present; it'll narrow down the window further.

Should be fixed now in the very latest build (e5c65a0039)


--- Quote from: chris_s on April 20, 2024, 02:35:05 PM ---Should be fixed now in the very latest build (e5c65a0039)

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I just now installed e5c65a0039, and all of the things that I reported above as not working are now working perfectly.  Thank you very much for the fix and for getting to it so quickly.

So is MAX_PATH in fact 260 bytes?  And is there a sub limit for the individual names of directories and files?

yes, MAX_PATH is 260:

Not sure whether that is consistently applied though. I for one am not aware of other limits for path components in general.

There is also MAX_FILENAME (32) and MAX_PATHNAME (80) that are used for settings, specifically:

ultimately the limit applies to the whole path, I think the db gets away with some tricks with the names where each component is stored and later re-constituted but I think there is still only 260 chars available once its time to play it so I'm not sure it'd buy you much unless its using the directory cache to open longer paths

one way around this could be a true CWD function (current working directory) or it could even be mounted into the namespace to remove the prefix paths but faster than waiting on that would be to shorten up your filenames


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