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An album that plays from the DB but not from the File Browser

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Thank you again, chris_s and Bilgus, for being so responsive.

And, yes, I have to try to be more mindful of the verbosity of the Track, Album and Artist names in the Classical Music section of my music library.  But it does serve the purpose of providing some stress testing of limits in Rockbox...


--- Quote from: chris_s on April 20, 2024, 05:31:54 PM ---yes, MAX_PATH is 260:

Not sure whether that is consistently applied though. I for one am not aware of other limits for path components in general.

There is also MAX_FILENAME (32) and MAX_PATHNAME (80) that are used for settings, specifically:

--- End quote ---

It turns out that I have an audio track whose filename (not pathname, but filename!) is 143 chars long (including the filename extension) and it gets successfully played from the File Browser with dev build e5c65a0039-240420.  To add to my embarrassment (and your amusement, I hope), here is the filename:

2-01 Adam_ Giselle, Act 2 - Introduction, halte des chasseurs et apparition des feux follets (The huntsmen rest and Will-o'the-Wisps appear).m4a

But the full pathname is "only" 224 chars (not that that reduces my embarrassment...).

I'm not yet sure whether or not this is even the longest filename in my library.

Is there a therapist for this kind of problem...?


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