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Calling all translators...


We're trying to get ready for a major release, and as part of that, the more complete we can have our translations, the better!

As of this writing, we only have 12 translations with at least 90% coverage; of those about half are missing only a couple of strings.  Not so coincidentally, translations with at least 90% coverage also get added to the daily voice file builds!

Meanwhile, about another dozen translations have around 80% coverage, and another dozen over 60%.  Finally, seven more translations are in pretty bad shape.

Head over to to see the current state of affairs, and to contribute changes to existing translations or even new ones.

Oh, to prevent duplicated effort, please post here (and/or in IRC) what you are working on.

The Rockbox Utility also needs updated translations, but we don't have a convenient mechanism to contribute those yet.


EDIT 2024-05-02:   The following translations are fully up-to-date as of 2024-05-02:

Italian, Dutch, Polish, Serbian, Turkish

EDIT 2024-06-23:  After improvements to automated translation checks, (and adding/modifying more strings), we no longer have _any_ fully up-to-date translations.

I'll have a look at the german translation this weekend. I hope this is soon enough. If someone go ahead, feel free.


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