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Converting ID3 image tags from PNG to JPG

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One thing that jumps out at me is the write_v24 bit:

--- Quote ---write_v24
If FALSE (default), writing of ID3v2.4 is prohibited (it is not fully supported; allow on your own risk).
--- End quote ---

If you try writing the default 2.3 tags do they parse?


You could try decoding one of the files in the UI simulator to see if it throws an error.  1000x1000 is a bit big but should work fine. 

There are some old windows sim builds if you want to try quickly without building from scratch:  They're really out of date but should be ok for testing ID3 parsing.

The file I'm modifying has tags in v2.4 format; if I remove that config flag, it complains "Writing of ID3v2.4 is not fully supported (prohibited now via `write_v24')." and does not update the embedded image. It might be worth seeing if I can find a file with v2.3 tags, and playing around with that. Depending on how common v2.4 tags are, if that works it might be a decent solution.

ID3 v 2.4 was just a bunch of new genre categories if I recall

looks like 2.4 has a few other things to offer as well:

* multi-value tags
* date recorded and date released tags
* alternate placement of id3 data in file
* UTF-8 encoding

Try adding

--- Code: ---id3v23_unsync => 0
--- End code ---

to your config

--- Quote ---Embedded JPEG images must not be unsynchronized.
--- End quote ---

Yes! That did the trick!

Thank you so much for the help. I had seen that line in the manual, but not understood what it meant, and not noticed the unsync option in MP3::Tag, which I might have been connect but didn't... But now I have a working proof-of-concept.

Now I just need to integrate it into the actual script, which should be easy enough. Once again, thanks.


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