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Playlist doesn't play all songs

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I made some playlists and now I recognised, that some songs aren't played.

They are shown in the "alphabet"-folder the playlists are linked to. They are mp3 and playable if you click them.

The playback just jumps over them (WPS showing for example: song1 (3/24) and then (6/24) - yes, shuffle off !). I tried to load the songs up the player once again, overwriting the older versions. No effect. I recreated the playlists but it's just the same.

The three songs are all by one artist:

"Für die nicht wissen wie I - Erdmöbel"
"Für die nicht wisse wie II - Erdmöbel"

 If I test the playlist via pc it works perfect.

Any suggestions ?

Thank you

Did you make the playlists on the player, or on the computer?

Maybe its the same problem as i had with playlists.
Did you make them on the pc or the player?

My problem was, that the playlists made with "mexp" on the pc were ansi encoded and not utf-8 and therefore songs with äöü or similar in title, artist, ect. could not be played because the player could not find them...
when tried to play directly from the file browser all songs worked perfect.

the solution for me was load the playlist with notepad and save as utf-8 encoded file



Yes, I created the playlists via pc. So saving them again in utf-8 sounds like a good idea !

Thanks a lot !
Works just fine !


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