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HiFi Walker H2 v1.5 Rockbox "incomplete installation"


Hey there,

i've recently got my hands on a HiFi Walker H2 which seems to be the latest hardware revision.
It's stock firmware is 1.5 and it has the USB-C port aswell.

I just downloaded and installed the pre-patched 1.5 firmware image, after i failed to install the native port, as it would result with the error "can't open NAND".
So for now, i'm running the hosted build and that's probably good enough.

However, after placing the rockbox firmware to the root of the microSD card, it doesn´t  seem to recognize it.
It boots from the nand flash instead and reports "incomplete install" with a very minimalistic interface.
If i go to the file explorer, i can very well see the microSD card beeing mounted, after digging through a very familiar linux filestructure.

So by navigating to mnt/sd_0/ there indeed is the .rockbox folder, containing all neccessary files on my card.
So why wouldn't it load the rockbox firmware from the microSD card?
I made sure to reformat the card using fat32, still not recognized, unfortunately.

Am i'm missing out on something?
Perhabs the mountpoint changed for some reason?
btw. i've dumped nand info aswell, in case anyone curious.

Sorry, I broke paths on the hosted targets patched yesterday, latest dailys should work


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