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Keep custom audio speed setting during shutdown/reboot


I usually listen to podcasts with speeds like 1.25x or 1.5x
And I am happy that we can freely change the audio speed in Rockbox.

However, each time the player boots, the audio speed goes back to 1.00x
Is there any chance to include an option to make the audio speed persistent, so that a custom set audio speed is kept after the player is shut down and restarted the next time?
Like it is e.g. possible already for the sleep timer.

If you bookmark and stop your audiobook, the speed is part of the bookmark, IIRC, thus resumed afterwards.

Thank you.
Yes, I know. This is how I currently do it, in conjunction with "Bookmark on Poweroff".

But if the audio speed was persistent, you wouldn't have to execute a bookmark each time on bootup.
You could simply continue to play, instead of "Home, 3x Up, Right, Right"  ;)


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