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[Solved]iPod 7g rockbox crashes when storage is filled over a certain level


It's now working fine.
Since the last windows patch, it seems like they broke explorer.
I have similar issues on my pc running win10 and my laptop running win11 for at least a week now.
It sometimes hangs while managing files, needs unplugging and replugging of devices etc.
Wndows just dropped to 0 Byte/s transfer speeds after copying the first 130gb of my library, followed by an error message.
The explorer wouldn´t respond either, so ejecting the iPod was impossible.
After replugging it and boot into linux, i checked the filesystem (before rockbox rebooted) and it was corrupted.
Ran fsck on linux and it fixed a bunch of issues.
Then transfered all my stuff from there without any issues.
Still rocking since.

Hi there,
Not sure if this is the right section.

I´m looking for some clues.

I just recently decided to open up my iPod classic and ditch the old 160gb HDD and replace the battery.
So i went with the iFlash CF board, aswell as an 256gb compact flash card (no sd card!)
Having exceptional well results from my iPod mini and iPod Video with this specific model, i decided to use it on my iPod classic aswell.
It´s a "Kingspec" rather generic cheap CF card, but at least is rated at 900x speed and UDMA7 and it´s working well in my other iPods.

So i already had the rockbox bootloader installed, but after inserting the card, it entered into USB mode.
I set up a new partition, reinstalled rockbox and everything went well so far, until i tried to copy back all my music.
Near the end of my approx. 140gb transfer, write speed suddenly dropped and re-plugging USB wouldn´t  help.
I decided to reboot rockbox, which then greeted me with a *panic* screen.

I´m currently on the latest dev build from last commit/revision
--- Code: ---76a9a524c0
--- End code ---
I also tried the stable release 3.15 and an older dev build, all with the same issue.

Time to restore it using iTunes.
I went back to complete stock, including the removal of the bootloader, then reinstalled rockbox.
I copied back all my music again.
But now it´s crashing again.
The strange part:
Booting in OFW works perfectly fine, although it takes a brief moment to boot.
It then shows up as usb disk and all my files are there, i could even add more stuff onto it.
It seems like whenever i exceed ~120gb of files, rockbox starts crashing.

Anyone has an idea what´s going on here?
I have had partitioned the CF card prior to installation, but i don´t  think that would be the issue?
I had to repartition it anyways, as there were no partitions found initially.

The partition layout seems kinda strange too.
I remember there being ~49mb unallocated space on the HDD for some reason at the beginning of empty space, following by the fat32 partition.
Now on this CF, there´s only one single partition created by iTunes.
Dunno if this matters or not?

BTW. using  diskpart to wipe all partitions results in an CRC-error in rockbox BL USB mode, but succeeds in apple disk mode.


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