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Recent dev build breaks my theme(?)

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Something has changed in one of the recent dev builds that seems to have broken my personal theme's use of %ss and %St.

I have a location and naming convention for the Playlists directory on each of my various iPods that allows me to cache a string that my theme can then retrieve and use to display as a label in the theme's status bar.  This allows each iPod to have a unique label while keeping the theme code generic.  So if my iPod is named iPod_1, I name the Playlists directory PlaylistsiPod_1 and place it in the iPod's root directory.  When my theme goes to draw that iPod's name in the status bar, it retrieves the name string with

%ss(10,-,%St(playlist catalog directory))

which strips away "/Playlists" and leaves "iPod_1".  Or I should say it used to do that.  Yesterday when I updated one of my iPods to the latest dev build I found that the label getting drawn in the status bar is now tsiPod_1, presumably starting with the last two characters of "Playlists".

I suspect this has been caused by the change in fdc3668a6a 23rd Mar 14:37, where enumeration of mounted volumes has been added/changed.

[edit] More to the point, it would seem that every theme's prior use of %St(playlist catalog directory) will be affected.

I've got one more patch to this change, could you double check the issue is still happening and i'll fix it in the next few days?


Okay - I just now updated another iPod from ae01ea7fd9-240223 to 19f21a2b3f-240328 and I am not seeing the problem with that 2nd iPod.  So then I updated the first iPod (the one that demonstrated the problem) from 6e058fe77f-240326 to 19f21a2b3f-240328 and I am still seeing the problem with this first iPod.  Very strange.  I also checked the code in each iPod's .sbs file and it is the same.  The iPod exhibiting the problem is a 5.5 Gen iPod Video and the other is a 5th Gen iPod Video.  Both were originally 30GB but now have iFlash boards with 256GB Samsung Pro Plus microSDs.

I'm not sure what else to do, but at the moment I have to set this aside until later today.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions for what else I might do to resolve this.  Thanks.

I assume %st is just using the string length and the extra slashses in one of the paths is causing misalignment like your directory now comes in as ///Playlists and gets stripped by length of 'Playlists' ending up with tsi_Pod

make sure you are using this very latest dev build from like 15 mins ago (52e22b25)
I suspect the multiple slashes are the issue

that said I have very inconsistent behavior between devices so its not great to hear its even variable between installs


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