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RockBox on iPod Classic 120Gb


Hi people of RB-forum,

Recently I've installed RockBox through UMS-boot by Emcore. This action cause the iPod couldn't be reset by Apple iTunes. So now I use the Emcore bootscreen and choose the RockBox button at the boot to play music. The iPod Classic is formatted to FAT32 with clustersize 32kb in one partition of 111,8Gb. On the root directory there is the ".rockbox" folder and the created "music" folder I made for the Albums. I've copied some Albums through "Teracopy" with Windows 7 on my laptop. When I deattach the iPod from my laptop it goes well. Then I turn on the iPod and scan the database. I can find the Albums, but now I got a real problem cause the first song I play got played well but the next song won't be played... Sometimes I tried a different song after rebooting and the different song will also be played. But the next song won't. Is there an option I've missed out!?


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