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iPod Classic 6.5gen and 7gen In-Line Volume control

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Alan Tochterman:

I am hoping that this is the correct forum to post my request.

The iPod Classic 120gb (6.5gen) and 160gb thin (7gen) were the only two models to support in-line volume control amongst a few others, for Apple or Apple approved earphones/headphones. 

The feature works with Apple's native operating system, but not on Rockbox. 

Since I am not a programmer, I have no idea how difficult it would be to enable this feature on these two devices.  But if it is possible, I would like to make the request.

Thank you

Edit:  Misread as "line out" not "in line".

Alan Tochterman:
Thank you for responding to my request, especially in a timely manner.

Perhaps I was not using the proper terminology.

I am referring to the volume control on headphones, not from the 30-pin connector.  iPods from the Video (5th generation) forward used a TRRS style headphone jack.  On the Video the extra contact point was for composite video out.  On the 6.5 and 7th generation iPods the extra contact point was for the volume control and microphone like on the iPhone 4S. 

On my Apple earphones and on my Bose QC20s there is a small control unit on the wire to the right ear peace which controls volume and pause, and I believe track forward and reverse.  When I am in Apple mode (which is almost never, these days) it works perfectly.

Once in Rockbox, it becomes non-functional. 

If I am taking a walk and my iPod is in my pocket, it is nice to be able to adjust the volume without having to take the iPod out.


Thats the headphone jack then. I don't know if anyone has looked at how to read data on that pin.

Alan Tochterman:
I was unable to find anything in the forums nor on Reddit. 

Again, I have no clue how to make it operate.  I assume it is something in the logic board itself.  The 6th gens use the same earphone jack, as the Videos and the later units, but the feature is not on them.  So I assume it had to be in the board itself.

Is this forum the proper one to make requests ? 


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