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Alan Tochterman:
Good Morning:

I have been using Rockbox on my iPod 5.5gen and loving it.  I decided to purchase a Classic, modified it with an iFlash dual card and installed Rockbox using the most recent Daily Build. 

Question 1:  The iPod Classics 6.5, and 7 are supposed to support in-line volume controls from the headphone jack.  It worked in Apple mode prior to my converting to RockBox permanently.  It doesn't seem to be working on my Rockboxed Classic.  Is there a way to turn it on?

Question 2:  On my 5.5gen, I have the clickwheel sound setting to "week" with headphones and the little internal speaker set to "on"  When I created the same settings on the 6.5gen, the clickwheel is ear-piercing loud and I can not adjust it down.   For now, I turned the feature off and am only using the internal speaker. 

Any advice and assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you


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