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HiBy R2ii - Change Main menu list


Hello, my name is Manohar, and I'm just now getting into modding firmware. Well, it;s the first time I touched any code. I usually just play  around with gui elements and leave the rest of it alone.
However, I have recently got my hands on the HiBy R2 Gen 2, and I have modified some of the gui elements to make it look more pleasing to me. I also wanted to replace some of the buttons to something more useful to me.
For example replacing the "Books" to "Playlists" or atleast replace "Album Artist" to "Playlists".

Currently the Playlists option is hidden under 2 menus and it's a hassle to get to it.
I have managed to unpack the entire firmware file including the system.ubi.
I have managed to change the text of said menu options to "Playlists" but they seem un-functional.
I would really appreciate it if you helped me understand how the code works, or where the actual "apps" for these menu options are in the filestructure, or atleast point me towards resources to read up on.
Attached are the latest v1.2 firmware from hiby and the theme tool I used to unpack the firmware (it unpacks system.ubi too)
Thank you.
PS: Sorry about the images I didn't know what else to do without them taking over the entire page


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