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iPod Newbie - Install query


Hello Folks,

I hope this is the right formn to post this query

I used to use Rockbox on a Sanza Clip Disk many years ago, and having recently come into possesion of an old 6G iPod Classic (80g), thought I would give RB a spin again.

I am thinking of getting the iPod updated (i.e. SSD/card fitted, new battery etc.) and have read a few posts on the forum about installing RB on these updated iPods

Some posts suggest you need to manually install a dev build due to some SSD issues, other posts seem to suggest that the problems are solved.

So my question is, can the existing installer be used (i.e. to install 3.15) or do I follow the manual install process (to install a dev build), as decribed in the following links? - 2.2.2  Manual Installation,54105.msg249838.html#msg249838 -  Ultimate iFlash guide for iPod Classic

Thanks in advance!


Be aware a 6g 80GB is limited to 128GB using the original firmware.  And even if you install rockbox that could end up becoming a problem if you install any larger capacity storage.
Also, I thought the official installer gave you the option of picking the last "point release" or the latest dev version?


THanks for the reply.

I am not planning on having anything over 128g fitted - was'nt aware that the installer gave the option! All the posts that I have come across, seem to suggest its a manual installation affair, but I will have a further look



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