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Resources for Telechips TCC890x: TCC8900 & TCC8902



Although, Telechips claims to support WinCE, Embedded Linux and Android, they now fully focus on Android development giving other OSes a lower priority. However, the development board and BSP must be obtained from Telechips and BSP is not (legally) available for download on the internet, so you’ll need to contact Telechips at

However, as often, it seems a version of the Linux and WinCE BSP has been leaked on the internet:


where they found a torrent with the following files:

Telechips TCC8900
LINUX_APP_v1.300_2009_11_04.tar 123.96 MB 5.54 MB
Linux89& 5.23 MB
Magellan v1.5 build 10.42 MB
TCC89_92xx_ALL_3D_0.50E – Linux.pdf 507.93 KB
TCC89_92xx_ALL_3D_0.50E – QnA.pdf 81.04 KB
TCC89_92xx_ALL_3D_0.50E – WinCE.pdf 620.62 KB
TCC89xx 91xx 92xx Linux BSP Documents 5.89 MB 21.91 MB

with source, schematics and documentation.

The guys at XDA forum have also started to hack Augen Gentouch 78 a tablet using TCC8902 platform. I’ve already blogged  a video review for this Android tablet. The reviewer did not like the device, but this was not directly related to the performance of Telechips device.

Here’s also comparison between TCC8900 TCC8902 chips (and some other telechips series namely TCC91xx and tcc92xx)


Telechips 8900 spec sheet

Koren electronic dictionary iriver dicple(아이리버 딕플)  D150(D100,D180) PCB

Dicple D200 series(d200,d250,d290, d300) PCB

Iriver Electronic dictionaries

do you have the datasheet of the tcc7801? I am learning the Cowon d2.

No, I don't have it. You may find related documents on CSDN.^v2^control&spm=1018.2226.3001.4451.5


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