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Sony NWZ-E384 Not Turning on, white Screen when pressing reset.


Hi everyone :)

I have just finished installing rockbox when i plugged my nugget into my laptop to load some eqs.

Whilst doing that the Walkmans screen suddenly turned white and showed me some cryptic messages.

Since it didnt respond, i unplugged it to reboot... it didnt go so well.. screen just turned black.

Now the laptop wont register when i plug in the walkman, nor will it turn on. when i press the reset button, the screen turns white.

I would really appreciate if someone would help me figure this out, since the walkman is meaningfull to me (i got it when i was in first grade :)  )

Thank you in advance! :^)


I can't guarantee this method will help you

I have had sonywalkmans brick theme selves when I made the mistake of charging them in untrusted usb sockets/chargers

I have one that I haven't managed to resurect yet

Another I was sure was bricked, I purchased another one second hand, the newer one, I plugged the recharge cable that came with it into one of the dead walkmans and it came back to life, though it may have been time specific

it was one of the walkmans with the wmport cable

I have afeeling an efuse spontaneously blew itself in the wmport cable

so my suggestion is to aquire another wmport cable ans see if it helps, preferably with a safe charger,
what a safe charger is, is harder to tell these days


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