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Database/tagnavi : Only show track title while ordering based on track number ?

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its basically a verbose version of the commit code that will hopefully say why its crashing

if not try to get a single track that does it or if you must a whole album so I can try and repro it

Ok... this is getting weirder : The format is not the problem. 

I downloaded a mp3 album to test more thoroughly. (I had previously used mp3 albums where I had only one track, most of my full albums being flac.)
Albums with more than a few tracks will radomly freeze the device, but not consistently after reboot.. some will some won't...
So it might not be related to a specific number of tracks. With further testing I ruled out track with 2 digits, 10 tracks or more as a cause, and the last track being present as possible causes.

I tried with numerous albums by various artists so you can propably reproduce with your own collection.

Might be worth mentioning that I'm focusing on the crashes but the tracks are still ordered alphabetically XD

As far as priorities go crashes are going to get more attention than features ATM and for the foreseeable future unless we (the royal we) get some more time or more devs

I get that completely.
Even with low priority, I'll open a bug report mentioning the freezes.

Thank you for your time  :D

I found a bug in the basename filter for the tagnav should be in the nightlies
Let me know if it fixes the issue..


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