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Database/tagnavi : Only show track title while ordering based on track number ?

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Hi !

Is there a way to indicate I want tracks to be ordered based on the track number without it being displayed ?

I'm fiddling with tagnavi but I can't seem to find how to only show the title while retaining the track ordering, it defaults to alphabetical ordering...

Can I silently filter in the %format or alternatively hide parts of the produced string ?
Does some hiding markup exist like say :

--- Code: ---"\%d \%02d %s" discnum tracknum title
--- End code ---

if "\" meant the value is to be parsed when ordering but not to be shown ?

...I'm not even sure the sorting must happen in the %format... help ?


To give some context from a user and (admittedly pedantic) UX designer point of view :

* I don't want to see disc and track numbers when browsing the database. After tagging my tracks and naming the files appropriately, I don't want to concern myself with these values anymore, espacially when enjoying my music. Now it's up to the db to do some magic with it for me.
* The way it displays feels unnecessarily heavy and really distracting. The varying widths of the added characters mean the track titles rarely lign up so the list is harder to parse at a glance.
* And of course alphabetical sorting is not an option for track listing. XD____

I searched here the best I could but I could only find a few related issues (same question about ordering except in playlists and files). If I missed it, can you redirect me to the appropriate thread ?


Sorry, I guess I was not reading the doc properly, I found out I can use %strip to do just that  ::)

%strip = "<n>" removes n characters from the beginning of the display string. This can be used to hide initial field(s) included only for sorting.

I'm not there yet.

Using these formats for tracks it works perfectly for mp3 files, but when selecting a folder containig FLAC files, rockbox freezes completely....

--- Code: ---%format "fmt_title"           "%s (%s)" basename filename ? title == "<Untagged>"
%format "fmt_title"           "%d%02d%s" discnum tracknum title ? discnum > "0" %strip = "3"
%format "fmt_title"           "%02d%s" tracknum title ? tracknum > "0" %strip = "2"
%format "fmt_title"           "%s" title
%format "fmt_alphanum_title"  "%s" title
--- End code ---

edit: Should I open another thread for this problem ?

Likely there is a particular track hanging the player maybe try building the db with the plugin and see where it hangs

(assuming you are using a recent dev version)

Thanks for your answer.

I reinstalled rockbox (ae01ea7fd9-240223) at some point and added only one album in each format... same behaviour.

Each time I modified tagnavi or added a playlist, I used both "Update Now" and "Initialize now" in the contextual menu of the DB section (Is this what rou're refering to as the plugin or is there something I missed browsing Plugins/Applications ?)


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