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iAudio M3, need the original firmware.


Hello everyone

I want to set my iAudio M3 back to the original firware.
However, I could not find the original "cowon_m3.bin" that works.

I found "iAUDIO M3 Firmware V1.38" from but it does not work.

I wonder if you could give share me the original fw of iAudio M3.

Thank you so much.

Do you mean the link to the firmware doesn't work (because it works for me) or the cowon_m3.bin file doesn't work on the player?

I found some links to older versions:

Good Luck!

Thank you so much. BTW, I mean "iAUDIO M3 Firmware V1.38" does not work with my player.
Therefore, I could not rollback to the original FW.

 I will try the firmware files that you sent and report the result.

Thanks again.


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