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WPS Track Title & Track Length Disappear When Buttons are Locked

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Sorry for the delay. Life got busy. I installed the original theme and it still behaved this way.

I would guess that this is connected to the other issue you are experiencing with Rockbox on your device.

Just trying to troubleshoot it. Other themes don't do this. And this only does this when I do something to trigger the error. In this case when I lock the buttons. The other issues I have don't start directly due to a device input. I get random track stutters and my line-out doesn't work in rockbox. The track title doesn't disappear when I plug in the headphones or when audio cuts out.

I changed the music mode line in the sbs.
Original %s%ac%?if(%cs,!=,2)<%?ia<%ia - >>%?it<%it|%fm>
New %s%ac%it
The new line has the track title stay when the buttons are locked. But the track title vanishes again when the buttons are unlocked. So the behavior has changed.


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