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WPS Track Title & Track Length Disappear When Buttons are Locked

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Rockbox Version: ae01ea7fd9-240223
WPS Track Title & Track Length Disappear When Buttons are Locked. When buttons are unlocked items still are missing until you switch to a different track and back. I’ll attach some pictures, info file, and my wps/cfg.

The pictures

The theme is one of mine, and it doesn't do what you are seeing on my iPod Classic. Have you edited the theme at all?

I changed the font and track number format to 00/00 from 00 of 00. Everything works flawlessly except when that happens. I posted mainly to see if something in my setup is wrong or if there is a bug at play. I have a Hifi Walker H2. Love the theme. Just wondering if someone sees something I don’t. To make the few changes I did took a lot of reading on the wiki to understand the syntax.

Thanks for the compliment. Can you try reloading the original theme and see if the problem is present?


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