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[SOLVED] Batch convert MP3 tag inherent PNG cover data to JPEG

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And regarding batch converting. Not sure but TagScanner (for Windows) might be able to do it.

Update: Yeah it seems possible. I see option to Recompress (or resize) all cover arts. It should do it:

I'm running iTunes 12 on my laptop, and some artwork is still embedded as jpegs. At least that is the format if I drag the image file out of the iTunes window to the desktop. So you might be able to do your conversion just with iTunes scripts. I'd make sure that your image files are not too big in rockbox, so that the software doesn't have too much processing to do. That is why I use .bmp files of exactly the right size for my theme, to reduce the processing load.


--- Quote from: bahus on March 10, 2024, 10:26:59 AM ---Not sure but TagScanner (for Windows) might be able to do it.
--- End quote ---

YAAAAAAAH!!! 😱 This actually is working!!

One Million thanx to you, bahus! This was exactly the solution I was looking for - and TagScanner even is freeware!! 🥰

❤️ Thank you so VERY MUCH! ❤️  - i f there's anything how I might compensate you for saving me a hundred hours of "pain-in-the-ass" work, send me a DM!


--- Quote from: philden on March 10, 2024, 02:05:48 PM ---I'm running iTunes 12 on my laptop, and some artwork is still embedded as jpegs.
--- End quote ---

You're right, phildren - I guess it has something to do with the way I "work" with implementing cover artworks. Not mean to bore you - but since the days I began my library (in close connection to my very first iPod) I have a very strict procedure that I didn't stray from in now almost 18 years: I rescale any artwork that I'd like to implement to 170 x 170 px (as you can see in my screenshots above) which is the default size for a cover image on an iPod display.

I'm doing this usually via PhotoShop and COPY + PASTE the image via the clipboard - so iTunes is not the culprit, but the Apple system (maybe, in my beginnings in 2006 I still even used OS9...) which eventually switched the default image format in the clipboard from JPG to PNG.

Never mind now - since bahus provided the perfect solution for my problem. 😊

I'm looking forward now to become an enthusiastic RockBox user! 👍

Now that I know what I'm looking for, I found out another solution for Mac Afficionados:

With MP3tag you can open a batch list of files, select them all, right-click on the cover artwork, select "Adjust" and a dialogue opens, where you can define artwork format, size and compression amount (for JPEG).

Just in case, that this maybe useful to anybody else... :)


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