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*Native Port* Hifi Walker H2 Line-Out Port inopperative (Kinda works)


Everything works as it should except the Line-Out port. Player doesn’t react to anything plugged into this port. No settings to enable. Player shipped with v1.6 and was downgraded to v1.5 before installing rockbox. Been over the settings multiple times. Even though the players firmware has been downgraded to version 1.5, line-out functionality works in the original firmware. I tested it then rebooted back into rockbox. Line-out worked perfectly until I switched back to the headphone jack. Then it didn’t work. Am I missing something?

Appears to be working now in version 53e7176196-240324.

Line out switching still doesn’t seem to work. It will output to the line out when first booted. If paused for several minutes it stops working. Can’t switch from headphone jack to line out after time passed playing on the headphone jack. A reboot will cause output to work again.


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