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Hifi Walker H2 playback judder/skipping (appears to be sd issue)

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Appears to be better now in version 53e7176196-240324. I played 3 hrs of music today and it didn’t act up once. This update also fixed my Line-out port not working. Not sure what caused it to goof up. I also grew the partition by a few kb. The card had a small gap in the front with unformatted space.  I’ll update if anything changes but so far so good.

It acted up again this morning. Restarted the track a handful of times before it played right. Track played fine several times yesterday. Not sure. This was the first track after it booted. The player was off all night. It resumed playback right away. I restarted the track and after a few seconds it started cutting out.

It acted up on a .m4a iTunes aac purchased song today. For the day it acted up on two flac songs and one aac. I may try a slower card. This one I had and it’s way overkill speed wise compared to what this device states on its Amazon page. Just throwing stuff at it at this point.

I reformatted my card with a cluster size of 64kb instead of the 32kb it was originally. Maybe if I’m having a buffer under run that might help. I’ll update if there’s anything new. So far after 2ish hours it’s been good.

my guess would be If that works its likely corruption on the drive and will prob return at some point


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