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Hifi Walker H2 playback judder/skipping (appears to be sd issue)

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Seems better. It still cuts out occasionally but it usually only drops out once instead of a handful of times in one song. Tends to still happen towards the beginning of a playback session if not the first track after the device resumes after it’s woke up. So it’s much less noticeable so far. I wonder if it’s related to the rock box storage driver for this device. I understand this port is still listed as unstable. Maybe since it’s a large fat32 volume, or device quirk. Maybe by working through this on here I can help the development or others. I’ll update if anything else changes.

It does it in the original firmware too. Maybe it is the card. I’ll try to close the bug I created on fly spray. I apologize if I wasted anyone’s time. I’ve appreciated all the advice. I’ll update if I get anything figured out.


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