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Hifi Walker H2 playback judder/skipping (appears to be sd issue)

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Rockbox Version: ae01ea7fd9-240223
Hifi Walker H2 native port original firmware v1.5. Playback stutters when starting a new album or occasionally when switching tracks. Have to restart the track around 5 times to get playback to resume normally. 512gb Samsung Pro Select micro sd. Fat32 formatting 32kb cluster size. 16bit 44.1KHz flac file with level 5 compression. Embedded album art. I have no eq enabled and I’m using a very simple theme.

After some setting tweaks it still does this. Usually once per album. Random cut outs. Once the track cut outs it will do it several times even when the track is restarted. It does clear up but is very frustrating. I have directory & database cache off. Number of items per folder and glyph's are set to their minimum values. Last I checked buffer size was around 26mb.

Not always but usually those are buffer under-runs not familiar with the device but it might just be barely keeping up due to under powered processor or even a misbehaving thread or background task

Ive also seen it happen with flaky storage causing rereads

Any tips on how to troubleshoot this issue. Not sure of what to look at to narrow things down. Any tips on how to limit background tasks when playing audio? I have most everything turned off (no dsp effects).

maybe try a different encoding in the same filetype or try a different codec mp3 or opus etc and see if it still stutters, try a smaller/different sd card

does it get worse with dsp settings enabled?


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