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Mixed format album is missing the minority format in the database.

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On an album with 13 flac files & 1 aac file rockbox only shows the 13 flac files in the database. The aac file shows up in the file viewer and is tagged the same. Also when playing the album from the file viewer it won’t play the aac file after track 13. It just goes back to track one. Track 14 is the aac. Not sure what’s going on.

Other mixed albums appear to work fine. This track won’t play at all. It does on my PC. So rockbox doesn’t like something about it

The problem seems to be with SoundCloud AAC files. Don’t know what’s different about them.

Here's the file info for the file that wont play.

Streamed AAC files are often tricky to decode if you just record the stream, but lots of tools (foobar, mp4box, etc) can repack them into a normal audio m4a file which should decode.


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