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[Solved] How to install rockbox on iPod Classic 7th gen with iFlash(micro SD)

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Before I install the bootloader, I must manually add all configurations(.rockbox, Music folder, music files about all) to use it correctly.
And it works fine!
However, I cannot add or delete files afterwards. It is only available in the initial setting.

I don't hate that it's hard to install Rockbox.
I want to use it, but I'm sad that it doesn't work out.
The quality looks as good as the developers have had a hard time.

Thank you for your continued response.

I apologize if there was any rude expression because I don't know English well.

I think it was a problem with the micro SD card.
Thank you for your advice.

I don't remember the exact model name, but I used Sandisk micro SD Ultra. There was no doubt about this as it was also new product.

Following the advice you gave in the comments, I bought a new SD card and was able to install Rockbox and use it normally.

* Samsung Electronics MicroSDXC PRO Endurance Memory Card MB-MJ128GA


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