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[Solved] How to install rockbox on iPod Classic 7th gen with iFlash(micro SD)

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# Solved
I think it was a problem with the micro SD card.
Thank you for developer's advice.

I don't remember the exact model name, but I used 'Sandisk micro SD Ultra'. There was no doubt about this as it was also new product.
Following the advice you gave in the comments, I bought a new SD card and was able to install Rockbox and use it normally.
* Samsung Electronics MicroSDXC PRO Endurance Memory Card MB-MJ128GA

========= s: Question before Solved =========

I tried install rockbox on iPod classic 7th gen with  iFlash(256GB SDCardx2) using Rockbox Utility.
If you're experiencing a similar error, or if anyone has resolved it, please advise.

# Questions
1. Can't I install rockbox on iflash?
2. Search says rockbox has no capacity limit, doesn't it support 512GB?
3. Will rockbox support iPod Classic 7th Gen?

# Spec
- Windows 11
- iPod classic 7th gen with  iFlash(256GB SDCardx2)
- RockboxUtility-v1.5.1
    - Rockbox iPod 6th gen (Classic) Daily Builds (2024-03-04)
    - Stable Rockbox

# What I tried

## Common
- restore iPod on itunes
- Rockbox Utility support up to 6th generation.
    - I can't use iPodPatcher.
    - I tried method with 6th gen selected. (Because:
- emCore cannot be installed on iFlash.
- Exclude errors that 'rockbox.ipod cannot be found' because firmware installation is not successful

## method1
1. check all and install
2. press 'MENU+SELECT' 12 sec and release it
3. bootloader installation successful, extract error firmware

## method2
1. check all without bootloader
2. installation successful
3. check bootloader and install
4. press 'MENU+SELECT' 12 sec and release it
5. bootloader installation successful -> panic

## method3
1. check all and install
2. Manually insert '.rockbox' when the extract fails.
3. reboot rockbox
4. connect USB -> panic

## method4
I feel a little hopeful here.
I added a song file and tested it, and it worked well.
So I put in about 25GB of music and ran it again, so panic error..

========= e: Question before Solved =========

What version?  3.15 won't work on flash adapters, but newer development builds mostly work. 

I can choose one of the three in the utility. Stable, Rockbox iPod 6th gen (Classic) Daily Builds (2024-03-04), dev build
And I tried all three of them the same way.

I'll try another version. thank you.

It's the same when I install the Dev version.
It's such a shame that I use iflash and I don't have the sixth generation.

It's some kind of issue with the card then.

Fwiw the 6g was the last iPod classic:

When you say 7g I am assuming you mean one of the hard disk configurations on the 6g.


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