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RockBox BRICKED my 5.5 Ipod


I restored with Itunes on Windows that went fine, installed rockbox and I thought that went fine and now my Ipod is bricked.  DFU mode doesnt exist anymore, diagnostic mode just shows me a blank screen.  Itunes restores it and it just restore loops (restores, restarts Ipod says its corrupt then rinse and repeat.) Rockbox utility says my configuration is invalid and cant find a mount point, the mount point is not in the drop down at all.  Cant access dfu mode to restore firmware, I also cannot format the drive, windows says it cant access it. Only showing 8gb out of 128gb IFLASH modded.  I can only get into disk mode nothing else exist no rockbox bootloader nothing..... Guess im SOL?? 

You can't brick an iPod installing rockbox, you've always got the emergency disk mode which is stored in ROM on the board. Try rebooting into that and restore with iTunes. If that doesn't work you've got a hardware problem, possibly with the SSD adapter you're using.


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