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Ipod 5.5 Iflash problems


Sooooooo Newbie here,  I think I messed up......I'm usually very thorough but was being lazy. I restored my ipod and it was fine then I used the rock box utility with the daily build  and that went OK but wasn't really paying attention and now my ipod just goes through a restore loop. Itunes restores it, it restarts and says it needs to be restored again etc. Is it bricked??? I never opened the ipod patcher, when I open it it just closes.  I didn't back anything up so dunno what happened. When I plug it in now it says disk F: can't be read and needs to be formatted. It's also only reading 8gb out of 128gb, is it an iflash problem or ipod problem?  I can also start my Ipod without a sd card in it and it'll read 32mb.  Sd card is formatted to Fat32 with 1 partition.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


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