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No partition found on iPod classic 6th gen


My iPod was previously running Rockbox fine. Today, I was listening to some music and the screen faded to white, while the music kept playing. I pressed the menu button+centre button to restart it, but it couldn't find .rockbox. Plugging it into my computer, I couldn't access the .rockbox folder either, so I decided to format it and start over again. I copied the contents before doing it, sans my music folder and the inaccessible .rockbox folder, and using Windows 11's disk manager I formatted it to exFat.
When I used the Rockbox Utility to install it again, it said it couldn't find mounted iPod. I tried a manual installation, but the transfer speed dropped to 0 bytes/s. After waiting for a while, I cancelled to try it again, doing a manual installation of Rockbox. Thing is, after a little bit, it started saying it "can't read the origin disk". Formatted it again, installed Rockbox manually, but when I turn it on it says "No partition found" and enters USB mode. I can't restore it using iTunes because iTunes doesn't recognise it is plugged in.

Does your iPod have an original hard drive, or one of the upgrade options?


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