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Bluetooth LE Audio support for hearing impairment devices?


I have a hearing aid, the model is an Oticon More 1 miniRITE R, and it is rather finicky when it comes to what it can connect to.  Because it is restricted to the ASHA protocol, it has trouble connecting to anything that isn't an apple device or a popular android smart phone model. 

I would absolutely love for it to be possible to have it connect to my Hifi Walker H2 through RB. The small size of both devices make them ideal for taking around without being an annoyance to juggle, and would make my day to day life so much easier if I can use the ~$500 worth of devices I have already instead of buying new BT earbuds or adapters or anything that would put me in the doghouse with my wife, lol.

I know from scrolling through the forum that Bluetooth is already an issue, and only theoretically possible for a hosted port of RB.  I can only hope that someone take this into consideration when/if Bluetooth support is being developed.  I found someone who developed BLE support for ALSA, which set off my curiosity for this idea.

I'm not opposed necessarily for getting my feet wet and hands dirty to help create this, I just don't have any experience developing software; only the most basic knowledge of linux, and a summer python course I took last year. I probably wouldn't actually be of any help to anyone, more an annoyance of having to teach someone the fundamentals  ;D

Just a thought, I would love to help where I can.


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