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Database RAM cache fails to load after updating database


Hi there,

I´m quietly enyoing rockbox for quiet some time now but i just ran into a small inconvenience the other day.

i´m facing an issue that feels pretty weird.
My ever so growing collection of music just exceeded 6000 songs and this is where things start to become buggy to me.
Also applies to basically any rockbox target i have.
iPod mini (2nd gen), iPod 5.5 gen, iPod "classic", Fiio m3k, Sandisk Sansa E200v2
But to keep it simple, i´ll refer to my Fiio m3k from now on.
I upgraded to the latest dev build
--- Code: ---ae01ea7fd9
--- End code ---
and put exactly 3 new songs onto my player.
I updated the database and after it finished, it straight tells me following:

The database isn´t ready, also can´t access it from the main menu and asks me to reinit the database instead.
But when i disable the RAM cache and reboot, the database once again is operating like normal, including the few new songs i added.

Seems to me like a RAM allocation issue but not sure.
Is there some way of debugging this issue?
I´m familiar with ADB on android, but not really with this kind of stuff, especially since there´s no obvious USB debugging bridge as it seems.
So realtime logs aren´t easily obtained, or am I missing something?

What do you think?


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