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Rockboy shows wrong colors on my fuze v2


A few weeks ago I bought and old sansa fuze v2 and I tried some gameboy color games and the colors displayed were wrong on this player. But they works fine on my other players (fuze v1, fuze+ and clip zip). I tried rockbox 3.13 on my fuze v2 and the games worked fine. So after trying some commits I found in which one the problem started:

In this file
these lines were removed:

     c = r|g|b;
-    c = swap16(r|g|b);

After adding them back to the current build, games work fine again on my fuze v2.

But according to this file
there are other values for LCD_PIXELFORMAT like RGB888, XRGB8888, HORIZONTAL_PACKING, VERTICAL_INTERLEAVED,... so maybe the "if" should be written in a different way.


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